Epoxy Flooring Cost Per Square Metre

epoxy flooring costIn most cases, a typical flooring companies would work out the epoxy flooring cost per square metre based on their standard products and services.

But this is in the situation where they do not have to do any extra floor surface preparation. If you ask for it or they think it needs to be done, the overall cost would certainly be higher.

Having said that, the average cost for epoxy flooring would be around $35 dollars per square metre (double coating) if the floor surface doe not require any preparation work before applying epoxy floor coating.

For more complex epoxy flooring such as a decorative floor finish mixed with a sandy or diamond-grinding surface, it would typically cost around $90 per square metre.

However, it really comes down to what kind of epoxy flooring you are after as there are many types to choose from.

So if you want to know more specific cost per square metre, give us a quick call so that we can give you a better idea pretty much on the spot!

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